Call us or contact us through email or Skype. We will discuss your case, ask you for an x-ray and pictures. Also you might need to fill up a form so we can have a complete picture of your health condition and based on that we can send you the best possible solutions for your case.

After we get the needed information's from you, our team will analyze your case. We will need approximately 1-3 days to discuss the best solutions for you.

At the end you will get all the possible solutions regarding your case. Every solution will have detailed procedure explanation, time estimate and cost estimate. So you can choose for yourself which solution sooths you best

In many cases you will have free time. For example if you do classical prosthetics work, we will need 1 day to prepare your teeth, take impressions and make your temporary teeth.

After that procedure we will need couple of days (depending on the quantity of work) to make your final permanent prosthetic construction (crowns, bridges, dentures...).

You can choose how you want to spend those free days. You can stay in our town during the procedure, or you can choose from our tourist offers and pick one that is up to your taste.

In this step we will make all the arrangements prior to your arriving. We will help you find a good flights, make a booking in a hotel that you previously choose and also make booking in the travel agency in case if you want to spend your free time at some of our tourist destinations.
*Payment for the hotel and travel agency booking is made in advance.

We will meet you at the airport and check you in the hotel that we previously booked for you. This service is complimentary. We can also arrange a guide for you that speaks your native language.

The whole treatment will be explained to you in "Step 2", and you will already have all the detailed information about the dental procedure that you are to undertake.

But still, we will spend little time explaining all the details prior the intervention.

Dental treatment is usually done in 2 stages. First stage is preparing the teeth, taking impressions and making temporaries and second stage is finalizing the dental treatment (placing the final prosthetic construction).

Payment is made in 2 equal installments. First installment is made before starting the dental procedure and second installment is made after the whole procedure is done and you are completely satisfied.

After that, You will be given a certificate of quality and warranty. We will explain to you the aftercare you should do after the treatment. At the end our team will grant You lifetime free of charge dental check up and aftercare.