Model Cast Dentures (Classical)

Model Cast Dentures are manufactured from high strength dental alloy which makes them very robust, very hard to brake, and their clasps fit to the tooth very precisely, so the retention they provide is far better than acrylic ones.

They can be made much thinner than acrylic RPD’s, so that greatly increase patients comfort.

Also, the fact that their body is made of metal, their heat transfer properties are much greater than acrylic RPD’s, so patient will enjoy improved sensation in the process of feeding. Acrylic RPD’s act as a heat isolator, so patients often complain that they can’t feel the temperature of food as they normally would.

With model cast dentures, heat transfer is almost instant because the metal used for their production has excellent heat transfer properties.

Their body is polished to high gloss finish and because of that they are much easier to clean and they are far less susceptible to building up dental stone or plaque, therefore very good oral hygiene is achieved.

Downside is that their clasps are visible, and also during constant usage (removing and inserting), their clasps make friction to the holding tooth, so the tooth enamel can be damaged which can lead to tooth loss in later stages.

They proved to be very reliable, but they are considered as outdated because a new type of RPD’s has emerged called Model Cast Dentures with Attachments. They have all the advantages of the classical model cast dentures and none of their down sides.