Hotel Green Wood


Exceptional offer

All inclusive

All Inclusive from 25 EUR per day per person.
DJ party every Saturday night from 9 to 11 pm.


08:00-10:00 am breakfast in the basic restaurant
11:00-12.00 am snack in the basic restaurant
12:00-2:00 pm lunch in the basic restaurant
3:00-5:00 pm snack in the basic restaurant
6:00-9.00 pm dinner in the basic restaurant

11:00 am. - 11:00 pm. – alcohol drinks (Bulgarian, in the basic restaurant), wine (red and white), keg beer, brandy, gin, vodka, mastika, cognac, whiskey.

11:00 am. - 11:00 pm. - (machine – juice, coffee, tea, milk, mineral water).

Guests can use sauna, steam bath, inside pool and the fitness facilities free of charge.

Massages in the Spa center are charged.


  • Imported drinks – Coca cola and natural soft drinks are charged!
  • Drinks in the hotel lounge bar are not included in the all inclusive program!
  • Guests are accommodated in their rooms after 2 pm; the first service at the arrival day is the afternoon snack – sandwiches, cakes, hot drinks and juice in the restaurant.
  • Rooms must be freed on departure day by 12 pm, and the program finishes with lunch.

Discounts / Additional charges:

  • 1 or 2 children up to 3.99 years old accompanied by two adults on an extra bed – free.
  • 1 or 2 children up to 3.99 years old accompanied by one adult – the adult pays for single bed room (80 % depending on the type of room), child – free.
  • 1 child 4 – 11.99 accompanied by 2 adults in a room on an extra bed – free.
  • 1 child 4 – 11.99 accompanied by one adult pays 50% of the price.
  • 1 adult with 2 children 4 – 11.99, the children pay 50 % each of the regular price.
  • 2 children 4 – 11.99 accompanied by two adults on extra beds:
  • One child – free, other child 50% of the regular price.
  • Third adult person on an extra bed 20 % discount of the regular price.
  • For a single room 80%.

Hotel terms:

  • Meals of the All Inclusive program are served only in the Basic restaurant or in the restaurant Gradina.
  • Self service at minimum 20 adult tourists, if less the hotel organizes meals with menu.
  • The Hotel keeps its right to offer other arrangements, as well as to change prices.