Equipment & Materials

You must have heard of the old saying "Tools make the trade".

This saying has very profound meaning. Even the most skillful masters cannot make masterpieces without best tools and materials.

Leonardo couldn't have painted Mona Lisa without best brushes and paint. Even if he did, using low quality paint, Mona Lisa would be long time faded away.

If Michelangelo used cheap materials on David, the sculpture would have been chopped or destroyed in pieces by now.

So, talent and knowledge are important, but without good quality materials you can make no masterpiece.

Our trade is not much different from that of painters and sculptors. But our masterpiece is always the same – a perfect smile.

And in order to achieve that perfect smile, we also need to use the best materials and the best equipment available.

We use dental materials from the best manufacturers in the world such as Ivoclar/Vivadent, VOCO, DentSply, Heraeus, 3M ESPE, Dentaurum …

Our Dental Laboratories are equipped with latest computerized machines for production of the newest CAD/CAM crowns and bridges.

It's very simple for you to be assured. Go to your dentist and ask him about the best dental companies in the world or just ask him what materials does he use.

You will see that we work with the same materials here.

That’s why we provide you with a certificate for materials used, and a warranty for all our work.